Monochrome Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Try it!


Monochrome, yeah who is doesn’t know about this color style. Mixing between black and white is so cute and adorable to look at. That’s why many people love with this color style. Monochrome also use in the house decoration, it’s very suitable for those who love with dark style or not really like with bright color. But, usually people will use bright color to their house decoration, but no matter if you want to install this color style in your house. I know everyone has their own favorite theme or color for their house theme. And if your family doesn’t really like if you install this color style as your house decoration, do not worry! Because you can install this style in your favorite room only, so only you can feel the atmosphere and get the happiness.

Bedroom, sure! this is almost favorite place in the house. You can redecorate your old bedroom becomes monochrome bedroom. Change your furniture becomes black and white color. Sure! all of your things in your bedroom, start from pillow until your curtains. So that you can feel the maximum monochrome atmosphere!

Let me show you, the ways that you have to do to make your bedroom more cozy and beautiful by using this color theme.

Paint your bedroom walls by using white and black color




Using a bed iron black


Paint your wooden walls using black color


Design your study desk and office desk like this!




Change all of your bright furniture becomes black and white color only, include your table, fan, chair, painting print until your curtain. Totally change it!






Thank you guys! See you to the next post.

Peace love!

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