Living Room Television Wall Ideas


Television walls is one of the house decoration. Usually, people install this television in their bedroom or living room. There was many type of television, starting from small TV and putting on the table until TV LED and adhere on the wall. Recently, many people choose to buying TV LED and install them on the wall because they have a large screen and could be use as walls decoration also. Not only install on the wall, but you can add another decoration like install your TV between book shelves or put the plants pot over there. Another ways you can do is added the nice lighting or renovate your walls into wooden walls or nature stone walls. If you do this ways, you living room become more luxury and beautiful.

Do you have a plan to buy and install this TV on your living room wall? Lucky for you! Today, we will help you to find more ideas about television wall design. You can follow us and get the best ideas.

Install the additional light around the television place, it could be above, below or side and adjust to your room



Change your concrete wall into wooden wall. Looks unique and beautiful is the main goals



Collaborate your concrete wall with brick or natural stone, but if you want to make different view, you can change it into marble wall



Common design is like this picture, yash! collaborate with fire place and putting sofa in front of them




Putting your shelves around the TV place


Collaborate your TV wall with white living room theme



Simple design ever! just putting one pot plant and some furniture over there



Add a table that has a drawer under the TV as an additional decoration


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