Musically Inspired Furniture And Decoration


Musically furniture.

Music is something that beautiful, have you hear the slogan “No music No life”, have yo?

Sure, most of people in the world like to hear music. There are many type of music include pop music, pop punk music, metal, rock, dangdut and more. Basically, every country in this world have their own nation song and in every city or tribe has their own traditional song also. To make these song to be more beautiful and meaningful, of course they need to use music. In the other hand, as a music lovers we can do anything we want to express our happies. Doesn’t always have to played music anytime, but you can show your interest with do another ways.

One of the ways is adding musically decoration in your house. You can take advantage of musical instruments that are not in use to be your house decoration. Let’s see together!

Paint your door using piano theme


Change your ordinary chair like this. Make sure that the chair is strong enough


Take advantage the trumpet as lamp stands


Take advantage the guitar neck as lamp stands


How about drum? Exaclty! it can be useful also


Not only for lamp table, you can take advantage your trumpet as hanging lamp like this. Unique and chic!


Previously it was a floor lamp, but right now is hanging drum lamp


Make a logo ‘G’ as door paints decoration


Use logo ‘G’ as walls living room decoration. You can place a candle there


Use as walls decoration as well as a decorative lamp


Phonograph record as living room wallpaper


Drum table coffe


Drum book shelf


Guitar as the walls decoration, don’t forget to adding a lighting also


Cute guitar shelves


Source : Pinterest

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