European Vintage Home Decoration Ideas

European-summer-vintage-room copy

European vintage is one of old house decoration style. Usually this style using by people who like old style or classic decoration. You can use any furniture or things as this decoration. Like use wooden shelf, classic study desk, ordinary fireplace or makeover your dining room. To make this decoration is very easy, you just need to be smart to place or choose where is the room you can use. Because does not need large room for make this style. If you do not want to redecorate all of room on you house, you can just add a wooden book shelf as your living room decoration. Change the atmosphere of you hallway to be more classic or add hanging clothes in the bedroom.

Today, i will show you the European vintage decoration.

Enjoy and choose the best one!

Change your old dining room like this picture. Using wood dining table and chair and added a hanging lamps there. The main characteristic for makes this dining room is place it near your window. Don’t forget to make paint your dining room using dark color.



Add mini bookshelf and ukulele places there


To make your living room more interesting, you can add this old table




Adding a brick fireplace beside your dining table


Fill your hallway by this decoration, placed on the end


Wood cutlery rack


Add classic bookshelf


Wooden hanging clothes place


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