Bohemian Kitchen Decoration. Chic And Interesting!


Bohemian kitchen is one of the most favorite decoration. This style using unique theme and have a special characteristics. They using art theme and collaborate by soft colors. Commonly used items are old furniture or traditional materials like using rattan. Not everyone likes this style, only people love with art who used to use it. It might rarely to use this style but it fits perfectly for you who art lovers. You can feel unique atmosphere and comfortable when use this style.

Ok, guys. For you who are looking for Bohemian references style, we provide the best ideas and i’m sure all of you will be attracted with those picture!

  • Chic dining table

Change your old dining room decoration like these picture. Add some rattan chair and unique hanging lamps. Yo can use white theme or wooden theme for your table set. If you want to luxury and chic atmosphere, you can choose the first one. But if you want to natural style you can use the second one. Find your best one, guys!



  • Bohemian walls decoration

Make your kitchen more adorable and looks very bohemian by added these walls decoration. You can make shelf wall and fill it with cutlery or cooking utensils. It’s so beautiful!





  • Make a table decoration

The next is make a table decoration. You can fill it by anything you want, like knife holder and arranging the spices holder. Come on make up your creativity!




  • Fruit and vegetable basket

You placed your fruits and vegetables in the hanging basket or stacking baskets.




Source : Pinterest

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