Cozy Rustic Bedroom Ideas. Get More Comfort!


Bedroom is the best room in the house. Apart from as private room, you can do anything over there. We all hope to have beautiful and comfortable bedroom. To make this dreams come true, we have to do something like redecorate the room. There are many theme or style to bedroom decoration, start from choosing theme, color or what is atmosphere do you want to make. Among others are modern theme, old, classic, city, rustic , romance style and many more. You can searching about how to decorate and find a lot of references in the internet it will help you to make it easier.

In the post today, we will discuss about rustic bedroom ideas. If you want to know about this theme, you can follow us.

Using an iron bed

If we look at the bed model in ancient times, many people in the countryside used iron beds like this. This bed has a unique characteristic. Like the shape that tends to be wide and has high legs. According to the story, why was this bed made to have a high shape because it was possible to put their belongings under the bed. Another story says that it is made tall to avoid the small animals that often come during the rainy season. But for the current model you can make it even shorter and add a soft mattress and other room decorations. Try this sleeping basket, guys!







Add canopy bed ideas

Beside making your bedroom beautiful, the main function adding this canopy bed is to put the mosquito net. In the past, many people using this canopy bed to save their baby from mosquito. Besides being made of iron stands, wooden stands can also be used to support the mosquito nets.




Using a wooden bed

So that the rustic atmosphere is more pronounced, you can use this bed made of wood. The distinctive brown color goes great with white mattresses and blankets. Or combining by another color like bright brown, blue or black. Don’t forget to add roof decoration, it can be install fan or unique lamps.





A wooden roof decoration

In order to maximize the rustic decoration of your room, replace your roof with beautiful and unique woods.




There are a several rustic bedroom ideas for us. Hope it will help you to find the best one.

Thanks and see you on the nest post!

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