Creative Bike Storage Ideas. Let’s Try It!


Bicycles are a means of transportation that can be used to exercise, go to work or if we are a bicycle racing athlete, having a bicycle is a must. Having a bicycle means you have to provide a place or room to save your bike. You don’t need to provide a large room or a special shed so you have to set aside you land to making this. Recently, we can find the strange ideas from many people including to make this bike storage. You can find these ideas on the internet and choose the best one. Mostly the sender will upload indoor and outdoor bike storage ideas. And just like them, in this post today we also provide several ideas for you.

Let’s see together, dude!

Outdoor space

Make a small hut in the front yard or your back yard or attach it to the wall of your fence. Put your bike vertical and don’t forget to lock you bike to make it safer. Not only for bike place but it can be use as your wall yard decoration.


Place as your walls terrace decoration. Add another decoration like some potted plants like this picture below.


As the living room walls decoration

Tack your beloved bicycle on your living room walls. Place it on the part of the wall that does not contain other decorations so that your bicycle looks more lit.


As a table decoration

Are you already confused where to put your bike? you can make use of your office desk to place it. Make sure you put it correctly and firmly. You can use table in the living room also.



Place it on the ceiling

If you want to make unusual decoration, you can place your bike on the ceiling of the house. Can be on the living room or on your bedroom. And the important thing that you have to pay attention is ensure its safety. Do not endanger your family.



Make a hidden place

Make or buy a cupboard that can be used to store your bicycle. Besides being more practical, your bicycle will also be safer to put there.


Put the bike in a tier and put it near the back door of your house. This will make it easier for you to get the bike out.


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