Unique Bedroom Lamps. To Accompany You To Sleep Well


Bedroom lamps is the most important things for who can not sleep in the dark. It may seem strange to those who can’t sleep when there is light, but it is real. And I’m one of those people who can’t sleep when the lights are on LOL.

Ok, guys. Back to the discussion, maybe you guys have known sleep light for a long time. The usual form of a light sleeper maybe you all know about it. But lately there are many types of night lights that have unique shapes and of course look more beautiful. It’s actually very good to turn on this light when going to sleep. Because not only accompanying sleep, a light sleeper that uses battery power also functions as a helper if we wake up in a state of blackout. Or we can call it an emergency sleep light.

Do you want to know unique and newest bedroom lamps? Ok let’s follow us!

Ordinary light bulb covered in beautiful crafts

Using LED lamps which is presented in a cute shape like the shape of the moon and this reading book

Wood LED

Magma shaped sleep lamp. With the use of orange light, yellow and red shows the true form of magma

Flower and mushroom bedroom lamps. Your kids will be love it, moms!

It may look like just an ordinary light bulb, but placing the light bulb in this hanging way will make your room more aesthetic

Glass wall lights

Source : Pinterest

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