How To Decorate a Bedroom With a Pink Theme

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Pink theme is the most favorite color for girls. Because most people think this color is the color for girls. So that many girls use this color as their identity. For people who really like the color pink, they are more likely to have items related to this color. Including with decorate their house or bedroom. Actually pink color have many type, here are soft pink, dark pink and another color that combined with pink color.

If you are pink lovers and you want to decorate your bedroom with this theme, we will guide you in decorating your beloved room. Let’s go!

Coloring your bedroom door by soft pink color. Not only on the door, you can also paint the wall around the door and combine it with white color.


Don’t forget to coloring your ceiling also in pink so that the room atmosphere feels more beautiful.


Combination between pink and white is best for your bed. You can choose to buying pink pillow, blanket or your bedcover.


To make the pink theme for your room stand out even more, don’t forget to add pink curtains to your windows.



If you are a student, you can make your desk place using pink theme. Including a chair, flower vase or another decoration there.


Not only your study desk but you can also make a dresser with this color theme.


Buy shelves or cabinets that are pink in color. So cute, girls!


Provide a shelf for your favorite bag or shoes. While not all of your items will be pink, I recommend buying a white shelf which is neutral and works well in any color.


Buy additional items such as a dresser, pillow, or rug that is also pink.




If in your room there is a bathroom, there is nothing wrong if you decorate it in a pretty pink color.


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