Modern Floating Shelves Living Room

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Shelves is the one of furniture which is often used of many people. The function is to organize various items. Like books, toys, plants or your collectibles. You can place your shelf anywhere you want, like on your bedroom  kitchen, living room or to organize items in the bathroom. To decorate the living room you can also using this shelf as your place to organize your items. in decorating your room you shouldn’t be careless. You have to pay close attention to the items that you will arrange with the theme of the room. For example in adding shelves for decoration. You can first choose a place where you will put it and find ideas what items you will put there.

To be clearer, I will describe it below, let’s go!

Corner shelves wall decoration

Take advantage your corner of the room for placed your shelf. You can make You can make your shelves evenly sized and fill them with the items you want. Like a collection of favorite items or other decorations. But not only are the shelves small, you can also make large shelves like the one in the picture below.



Wardrobe shelves

So that your room looks more beautiful, you can also add a wardrobe that is also your shelf. The colors that are often used in general are white and the original color of wood. But there are also many color choices that you can use. It’s all up to you, guys.




Stacked wooden shelf

This model is made of wood that is arranged on top to make it simpler and contains a lot of items. Basically, it is like a shelf above, but the difference is this type of model is easier to move around. And also suitable for those of you who have a minimal living room.

wooden-shelf-ideas vertical-living-room-shelf


Wall mount shelves

If you want a shelf that is friendly to your pocket, you can make a shelf like this one. Just take a long wood and attach it to the wall. Don’t forget to color it to make it look more attractive.



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