Beautiful Blue Velvet Interior House Design


Blue velvet colors are collaboration of blue and black. This color is like a dark blue color but is a bit lighter. Many people use this color to make a product. Like veil, clothes, bag, shoes, had up to the furniture. People choose this color because the color is calm but beautiful and looks fashionable. People also choose this color to be their house decoration by mixing with another color like white and brown. You can use as your walls decoration or place on your furniture. Mostly, people using this color as the living room decoration, among others are sofa, chair, lamps, rug, curtain, or flower pot.

To make them even more beautiful, you must pay attention on your color environment. I mean you must smart to choose and collaborating your furniture with other furniture object. Like between sofa and table or walls color and curtain.  Actually the best collaborating for this color is white. Because blue and white colors will match and produce a beautiful environmental color, so that the eyes do not get tired from seeing bright colors.

So that you have an idea of ​​what kind of home decoration is suitable for this blue velvet color, we will provide some references for you!

Beautiful blue velvet table, lamp and sofa in the living room





Single blue velvet chair in the office desk


Become a pretty wall color




Blue velvet book shelf


Beautiful bedroom decoration by collaborating between blue and white color



Make as your interior kitchen design


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