11 Rattan Baby Cribs Ideas For Your Beloved Baby


Rattan is a vine-growing plant of the Palmae family. Rattan is a type of wood, but it is not like wood. Wood tends to have hard and large shape. In contrast to rattan which tends to be like roots. This object is often used as a base for various handicrafts. Many furniture industries use it to become a traditional chair or sofa. Besides that, it can also be used as a basic material for making wall hangings. Other items that can be made from this basic material are baby baskets. This material was chosen because it has a texture that is not too hard but very strong. So that the baby can feel comfortable while sleeping on it.

These types of cribs are very diverse. Moreover, the forms are also very diverse. Starting from a round, oval, hanging cribs, or adding characters as a sweetener for a baby cribs. But, whatever the shape of cribs the most important things which must be considered is the comfort of the baby.

Are you looking for baby cribs for your future baby? But you haven’t find one?

In this post today we are present 11 rattan baby cribs for your future beloved baby. Enjoy, moms!

Baby oval cribs


Multifunctional bunk beds


Baby cribs with mosquito decoration on top


Baby basket with wheels on the four legs of the cot. So it can move it anywhere


Cribs shape with cute oval legs. So that it can also function as a swing that can be moved forward and backward


Besides the light brown rattan color. You can also use dark brown color like this. You just have to repaint


Half cucumber bassinet with full pedestal feet


White baby rattan cribs


Apart from being a baby basket that is spread in the room. This basket model has a handle on top that is designed like a vegetable basket. So you can carry your baby everywhere


Baby cribs with additional soft mats and hanging toys


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