19 Kids Room Interior Design Modern


Kids room have to made careful, beautiful and unique. So that your children can be comfortable to live in. In this room they do their activity, can half of day of their life spent in their room. There, they can take a sleep, study, and playing their beloved toys. As a good parents, we should make our kids room become comfortable and make their feel at home. We can do redecorate our kids bedroom by add unique furniture or something that they love. Like add their favorite doll, their favorite color and something like that.

Make beautiful interior design is a little difficult so you have to have special skills and multiply ideas to make this room. To help you get many references, we present 19 modern interior kids room for you. You can find the best one and use this as your benchmark decoration.

Let’s go, moms!

Add children house bed


Add hanging decoration and make your wallpaper using a few stars. White theme is also recommended to you


You can using blue theme. Paint a wall with your child’s favorite character or draw a landscape like this mountain


Wallpaper character like Micky Mouse like this is also good. But, not only Micky Mouse another animation character can too


Designing room with white theme and unique lamps. In this picture, a bunk bed is shown but the upper one has no mattress


Boho design is also nice


Placed a roof decoration in the bed and add hanging toys, don’t forget to place cute doll


This is apartment kids room decoration. Add a cute height gauge like this, i’m sure your kids will be love it


Book shelf and three walls decoration


Change the ordinary bed with hammock and make your room decoration with nature theme


Bunk beds with soft colors


Unique lamps with ovoid shapes

Bunk bed with add curtains


Bunk bed with playing space under bed


Added unique white cup lamps


Big bunk beds book shelf in the bed


A bed made inside the wall


Make creative and beautiful ceiling decoration


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