20 Indoor Plants References (Special Large Plants)


Indoor plants is one of beautiful decoration in the home. Put the plant inside at home have a lot of advantage. Other than as a house decoration, laying plants can also make your room have a good air circulation. Your house will more fresh and beautiful. Usually, many people laying their on the living room table or make a vertical garden. They use cute pot or make a unique hanging plants in their room. To make this decorate they will use small plants like cactus, succulents or aquascape plants. This decoration will look ordinary because many people have used it. But if you want to make extra ordinary decoration of your house, you can also laying plants in your home but its difference is you put large plants. You can use many more large plant model like banana tree, monstera, bonsai, or anything as possible as to place in the home.

Usually, they put their large plant in the corner of the room. It can be in the living room, bedroom or in the terrace. Choose this plant model as home decoration will add your home more beauty.

So, if you confuse about what kind of plants can be used to beautify your home, we have the solution. Because today we present 20 indoor plants references just for you.

Using banana tree as living room decoration

This plant form is classified as a plant that is very suitable to be placed in your living room. Because it has beautiful leaves and is easy to care for. Feeling coolness and shade is the main purpose of laying this plant.





The next beautiful plant is Bonsai plants

Bonsai have unique shape and not everyone can take care of it. Because it takes special care and extra patience to wait for the plant to become beautiful. But if you want to buy it, you also have to learn to care for this plant in a good and right way








Beautiful Monstera plants

Many people use this plants to be their home decoration. The leaves are unique because they have holes which are the main attraction for ornamental plant lovers.




Plants with broad leaves

Other than Monstera, another plants that has broad leaves also a favorite to be used as a home decoration.





The last is tall plant like this picture. Indonesian people says it is “ilalang” plants

Add a beautiful impression and make your house look even higer, guys!


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