24 Luxury And Adorable White Home Decoration


What is your first impression when looking at white? do you feel cozy and happy? or you don’t like white? whatever you can answer it. But almost people in the world love white. White is the best color for me, white symbolizes purity and cleanliness. This is the reason why i love white so much. Not only that, many people use white to be their home color decoration. Adding white color in the house will make your house more clean and luxury. Another advantage is that you don’t have to install multiple lamps in your house. Because by using this color your house will automatically be brighter because of the reflection of light from white lights in your house.

It might be easy for those who are love white, but it might be very difficult for those who don’t like white color. Because white color is very easy to get dirty. Usually only who love cleanliness will use white theme for their house decoration. If you want to use this theme for your home decoration you must pay attention with cleanliness and tidiness of the house.

For you who want to change or redecorate your beloved house, you can use this white theme and make the house a beautiful white house.

The first room in the house is the terrace, makeover your terrace by white theme


Don’t forget with your plants, because you can also use white theme on their pot



The second room is living room. Here, you can add white theme everywhere you want. On the walls color, lamps, sofa, and rug. If you don’t want to get bored because everything looks white, you can combine it with other colors like brown and blue or green from your ornamental plants






The next is hallway place. You just have to paint the color of the wall on the right and the left to white and mix it with the bright yellow light



Don’t forget with your stairs! White and brown is the best combination clolor


The next room is bedroom. Here, you can makeover your ordinary bedroom like this



The next room is where you keep your personal items or clothes. Paint your shelves and drawers by using white color




White bathroom is the next room. And feel the atmosphere like in the apartment and hotel




The last room in the house is kitchen and laundry place. Makeover your old kitchen with white theme and change your pink washing machine to white color. You will feel more comfortable and happy when you cook




There are 24 references of white home. Hope you like and can help you to decorate your home, thank you, guys. See you on the next post.

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