Chic And Cozy Outdoor Living Space


Outdoor living space at home is the room which work for enjoy relax to rest your body after a tired day of activities. You can use this space to enjoy your coffee or get a conversation with your beloved son. Make this room is very easy, just put one table and two or three chairs is already completed. Add several furniture like unique table, comfortable sofa or some potted plants to make it more beauty. Actually you don’t need a large space to make it because you can build this room on your backyard or on your rooftop.

In addition to relax space you can also use to welcoming your close friends or other family so that the atmosphere of chatting is more relaxed and comfortable. Usually many people use this place in the morning or in the afternoon. But, many also use this place at night to just enjoy the night atmosphere and see the stars.

Today, we present some references of outdoor living space and hope it can be help you to get inspiration.

If you have large space like this and love simple theme, you can using this model. Just put one table place in the middle, several chairs and sofa. Don’t forget to make mini vertical garden so that your room will be more fresh


Living in the city is very bored and hot. Moreover you live in the solid housing, ohh i can’t imagine how stuffy your house. To solve it you can utilize your mini space and change it to be your relax space


To make it more simple, you can buy one set of table and chairs like this. So that it is not too hot when exposed to sunlight, you can add this wooden roof


Having a two-story house can also make this living space. You can utilize your balcony, place one long sofa and an ornamental plant


This outdoor living space located in the middle of house


Take advantage of the small yard by turning it into a comfortable place to relax


Having high walls like this really adds to the beauty of your living space


This time using a different concept. It is more modern and looks very comfortable. Added a unique round table donut shape and a box of rugs. To add to its beauty you can plant plants on the edges of your walls


Using informal concept, this style looks romantic by added the lights

Very suitable for people who do not have enough space. Just utilize your mini balcony to be your living space. Simple and cozy, guys!


The next references is make it beside your swimming pool and add fireplace like this


Take a natural theme, this place is suitable for you to get beautiful memory with your beloved husband


This is second references for build living space in the middle of house. Added beautiful plants and mini fireplace on the table


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