15 Design a Wonderful Hallway Of House


Hallway is the hidden space in the house which is too useless and often overlooked. Usually this room has a narrow and elongated shape, this room can be place in the middle of the house or as terrace house. You should know that your hallway has more value. You can change and use this room to be your gallery room or your mini vertical garden place. To make this room more useful, you have to know and understand about what room will you make and what kind of decorations should be prepared. You have to pay attention to choosing a theme, lighting and other furniture. Besides being able to make the room more useful, you can also make it a place to be your best room in your house.

Actually many people have this space but they don’t use this room to its full potential. So don’t waste this opportunity to make the room more beautiful and useful.

Look at the our post today, you will get inspiration here. Let’s go!

Add some plants to the side of the road and enough lighting to the roof of the room


Change your empty hallway to be your mini vertical garden like this! You can feel the fresh air while enjoying hot coffee with your family


Lighting design on the roof and placed one big mirror, so that your room will more bright and luxury


Are you confuse where you will make your kitchen when you don’t have enough space to make it? I have the best answer, yeah make your kitchen in the hallway like this


Make a gallery for memorable photos


This is the second of hidden vertical garden ideas


Do you have a turning house design? replace the ceiling with a glass roof like this. The lighting will be better. Or if you want to make it more useful, you can replace it with solar panels. Not strange but unique, let’s save the earth together, guys!


At the end of the wall you can make a place to put your things, like this shirt


Replace to your private library


This one design shows a hallway that is directly opposite the stairs. You can place one main door next to the stairs to make it easier for you to access other rooms


Choose a light theme like white. This is to get around because this room mostly has a dark and stuffy atmosphere


Add some furniture like mirror and beautiful flower like this


You can turn the end of the room into a different place like this. You can use as living room or doing your homework there


The last is outdoor hallway. Sure, you can make your mini vertical garden there


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