17 Cool Japanese House Design Traditional


Japanese traditional, yeah all people know that Japanese culture is famous for neatness, cleanliness, discipline and beauty. What is the first impression when you hearing the Japanese word? Do you think about traditional food and drink like tea? or you think about Sakura flower? anything you can find in the Japan. Not many people think about traditional Japanese house styles that are unique and very comfortable. Actually traditional Japanese house is different for another traditional house in other country, but all is back to the each tradition that has its own uniqueness. But in my opinion Javanese traditional house is comfortable to live in, because the atmosphere is very one with nature. Makes feelings calm and comfortable.

If you want to feel different and get a lot of peace full in your house, you can choose this style. Just only make one room or one decoration that same with Javanese house. You can make one room as your relaxing room or change your ceramic floor with wooden floor, or you can just add bamboo plants in your house.

Today, we present Javanese traditional house ideas and hope it can be your references to make your beauty house.

Adding large circle windows, which is synonymous with Ying and Yang

Make the path as a small access road to connect one room to another by arranging wood like this


Make indoor vertical garden in the middle of house

Change your ordinary roof and cover with this style. More real, guys!


Make your living room like this, only provide a table and a small pillow as a seat


If you want to combine modern and traditional, you can add your floor with this dark black ceramic

But if you need all of your house decoration is traditional you can cover your floor by wooden like this

Cover the floor with carpets and additional large plants in the house


Adding Japanese paintings that you can place on your door or as a wall decoration too



Home decoration by making lots of windows and can transmit sunlight into the house


Besides the wooden path you can also arrange stones like this


Make a large door so that you can see from one side to another side


Using sliding door as your front door or as your bedroom door


Make one relax room and add some Javanese ornaments like this lamp


Make special space to wash your hand or make a fish pond there. Feel cozy and cute OMG!


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