16 Muslim Prayer Room Ideas At Home


Every one in their house have one special place and usually there should always be. There is prayer place, this place is very important to have. As a person who has faith and has chosen one religion, he must always worship his god. There are several religions that are recognized in the world and I know for sure you all also know this. One of them is Islam. Islam is religion that requires everyone who embraces in this religion to always worship to Allah especially repentance in doing the five daily prayers or Salat.

If you are a Muslim, surely you will make a small place in your house for a place of worship. But actually you can do salat everywhere you want as long as the place is clean of dirt. But to be more focus of doing prayer i recommended you to make this place at your home. You can make prayer place in your bedroom, near your dining room or just make a small place as long as the place fits for you.

Today, we present 16 prayer room or you can say this is a “Mushola” or mini mosque at you house.

Take advantage of the corner of the bedroom


Make one special prayer room and add ornate mosque dome image


Making the family room a place to pray together with other family members


Turning the empty box room into a place of prayer. Feels more focused and solemn


Making replica of the mosque inside the house, complete with a mosque dome shape


This room is place between living room and another room. So that if your friend want to do salat, they will salat there


Mushola with wooden floors and beautiful lighting


This hidden prayer room is seen in the basement. Away from the noise will make it easier for us to focus


Decorated with beautiful Islamic ornaments with soothing blue glass


The small prayer space fits only two people. Maybe you can use it to worship with your beloved husband


Prayer room with plant decoration


Praying place with new decoration and you can placed on near your kitchen


Large room for family member to pray together


Prayer room near your indoor garden. Feels cool and comfortable


With the same concept as the picture above, but this room is limited by glass


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