20 Minimalist Toy Storage Ideas at Your House


Toy storage is place that very important to have, especially if you have children in your house. The function of this place is tidying up children’s toys. Not only for this, but another function is to make your house more beauty because you can use this space to be your interior decoration also. Usually a lot of people put up this storage in their nursery. But, you can also do it in your living room. Adding storage place will make your children learn how to care for their toys and introduce them about discipline.

If you want to make this storage, the first ways you have to do is setting up the place and thinking about decorations. You can find many more decoration ideas among them is using boxes, shelf, place under the table or on the walls decoration.

Here, we present 20 storage ideas for you.

Using a container to make your things more presentable and orderly

Many people choose this decoration as a place to store their children’s toys. By looking tidier, it will make the atmosphere of your room clean and comfortable. You can use a variety of containers such as large boxes or woven box baskets. Place these boxes under your child’s study table or make your own special table to tidy up their toys.







Make toy storage on the wall

Take advantage of the empty walls room of your children as a place to put their belongings. Such as books, miniatures, dolls and other toys. You can also add some decorations such as plants or decorative lights to make the walls look more beautiful







Place under bed or chair

Change the bed and your chair to be more functional with adding two or three drawer to place your children’s toys. Simple and more functional right?



Make a special toy rack

You can adding a rack like these picture, place small toys to large toys on the shelf. You can also make a special shelf like in the second and fourth pictures as a place for the collection of your favorite items.






Maximizes the function of the pole

Unique and look weird. But you can use this references if you do not have enough money or place to make your toy storage. Try it guys!


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