14 Carpet Ideas For Your Beloved Kids


Most of people need their kids comfortable and happy with their bedroom. You must know what makes your kids comfortable especially in their bedroom. Like soft and fluffy beds, bright room colors and children’s toys. Usually many people forgot about something that should be in the child’s room. This is bedroom carpet which will make your child comfortable playing in the room. Besides having a cute and interesting shape, another function is to protect children from dirt on the floor and protect children when they fall on the floor.

Children will love the shape of the carpet that is cute and interesting. You can choose like rug with animal character or you can choose a rug with motifs or character so that your children will learning about them. The are a lot of references you can find on the internet, one of them is on the discussion today.

Here, we present 14 carpet ideas for your beloved kids. I’m sure that your kids will love with this rug ideas

Choosing bedroom rug with this Pokemon character. Cute and interesting, not for boy kids but also for girls


Make your bedroom carpet with sport fields character. On this picture there is basketball field. Actually this design is suitable for your boys, you can introduce basketball sports to him. Who knows when he grow up will be professional basketball athlete, moms!


Bedroom carpet with zebra theme. White and black is good combination if you want to make your kids bedroom simple but still beauty


Soft white fleece carpet. Many people place this carpet on their kids bedroom because the texture is soft and comfortable on the baby skin


You have a little girl? This theme is suitable for her, pink, oranye, yellow and rainbow colors combination is cute and cozy to see


Unicorn eyelashes rug. Beauty and funny to be playing place


Rug with fruits character. You can choose many character of fruits. One of them like this picture, there is a pineapple character


Animal character is also recommended for you, moms. Beside for interior decoration choose this theme will helps your kids to learn about kinds of animal. Add another stuffed animal so that your kids will know more about animal


Placed a rug as a cover on your floor


Alphabet character like this picture can helps your kids to know about alphabet


Square rug under bed. Simple but still cozy


Cute and luxurious tiger skin motif


World maps bedroom carpet character


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