11 Door Design Ideas as Well as a Fence for The Home


Door Design is the phrase that usually hear around the architect. Recently, does not use architect to make beauty decoration of your house. You can find any ideas on the internet about decoration and other home ideas. Door is one of the things that must be in the house. The function of door is not only to make us safe for weather but also to safe us for the criminals that can be happen anytime. To solves this problem you can make multifunctional door in your home, like make a fence door. Especially for those of you who don’t have a gate or fence to protect your house. You can use this way to protect your house and of course your family.

You only need a door fence that you can install on the front and back door of your house. Choose materials from iron or strong wood. Do not forget for always pay attention with material of your fence. Because beautiful decoration door is does not has meaning if they can not protect your family.

Here, we have 12 door design ideas for you. Beautiful and protected is the main goal!

Make your fence door on your backyard. Use iron materials and add decorations such as lights to this image so that your house looks more beautiful


Usually tis fence door is placed as front door. There are two type of door, iron doors and wooden doors. The installation of two layers of doors is highly recommended for those of you who live in densely populated cities


This type of door is installed in the living room. Simple and not complicated model


You can make this model as the entrance gate to your home. By placing it between your concrete fence. You can easily find this type of model in housing


Same as previous door, this type of door also use two layers of doors to make it more secure


If your house has a sidewalk like this, you can make this gate as access in and out of your house to other houses


Floating gate. Be careful when choosing a floating door like this model, because your neighbor’s pet cat might enter under the door. Just kidding guys…


You can find this one-door two-door model in ancient houses. However, at this point in time, a model like this is much in demand because it has a simple yet beautiful design


The door fence with white checkered style


This one door combines an alloy of wood with a large glass installation on the side. If you use this model, don’t forget to attach curtains to the glass so that your activities are not visible from the outside.


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