13 Home Mussic Studio Setup. Simple and Cozy!


Home mussic studio is special room at home which is filled with music tools. Usually, the one who made this room is people who loves with music or we can say that they are musicians. In this room studio you will find music tools like klavir, guitar, drum, trumpet, and other. Does not need large space to make this room, as long as your instrument fits it’s possible to make this studios. You can use you bedroom space to place your lovely klavir or just for place your recording tools. Decoration and setup your room is neccessary. You should know which decoration that can mate with your personality, your favorite or your your theme of room. All of this is done in order to make your room cozy and when you playing your song or making a song can easy find inspiration.

Let’s go to find the best one mussic studio setup for you!

Setup studio with great soundsystem. Listen to music with high volume is funny, moreover your music genre is punk or metal music.


Home mussic studio with unique decoration in your room. Adding this furniture will looks captivating but still simple.


Pay attention with your walls decor with wooden checkered decoration. You can use this style to beauty your room. Not only for large studio but in the small studio is also well.


Studio desk that overlooking window. Get more inspiration see the broad view around your house.


Studio desk and recording tools. It might be looks complicated, but you can tidying the cables under the desk more neatly.


If you do not have any music tools but you only have piano, it’s ok. Because place piano in you bedroom will looks more simple and aesthetic. Trust me guys!


Like previous picture before, this picture also combine between musical instruments and recording tools on the same table. More simple right?


Setup plants near your piano or another instruments. Indirectly, adding plants will make up your mood. Feel cozy and fresh is the point of this tricks.


Some people like drak atmosphere, they said that they will get more inspiration when around they are drak and away from noise. Do not need bright lighting!


Place your piano on the wall. Simple and you can use this trick as walls decoration also.


Not always about studio decoration, but choosing color of your instrumental is neccessery. In this picture there are combined color between black and yellow. So cute….

Neat, beautiful and pretty is the first impression i think when i saw this decoration. You must try this decor, place on the corner of your room and adding several ornaments like your photo and plants.


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