12 Luxury Sunroom Ideas For Beauty Your Home


Sunroom are a structure surrounded by glass with screened openings that can be opened or closed depending on your choice. They are often referred to as patio rooms, solariums, outdoor enclosures and occasionally as Florida rooms.Usually, to make this room it costs a lot. So not infrequently not every house has this unique room.

As I wrote earlier, that this room is often called Florida rooms. Basically, you need a fairly large and spacious place to make this room. This room is often used as a family gathering place, dining room or it can also be used as a garden in the house. Because many of the materials used are made of glass, there is no need for much lighting in this room. Enough with ordinary lights. Even at night, you can make this room a place to relax and enjoy the night atmosphere by looking at the moon and stars.

Do you have a plan to make this sunroom? Let’s follow our best references.

The room with glass and roof as a whole will make the atmosphere feel wider. Add decorative chandeliers and plants to the room.


Make your sunroom like this picture! Luxury, large and awesome. Do not forget to adding several chandeliers.


This sunroom using new styel with rectangulars mirror as their roof and alslo use unique lamps.


Different from other models, this model uses a modern theme built on the back porch of the house. Making this model like a porch.


Place two large pieces of glass on the roof of the room and the white room theme will add luxury.


Not making a glass roof but placing lots of very elegant rectangular glass.


Utilizing the room as well as an indoor garden.



The white and cozy theme will make this room even more beautiful.


This room uses wood or iron arranged neatly on the roof. Artistic and so beautiful!


Placing the fan in the center of the room and covering the window with a very thick cloth is an old-fashioned but beautiful style.


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