18 Home Office Desk Ideas, Creative And Comfortable


Home office desk is the important things if you are working in company or have a job which are reated on internet connection. Like you have online shop or business that use smart phone or computer. You can make home office desk in your bedroom or special room that use as your private room. Doesn’t need to require a large space, as long as your desk can placed there. But if you have many books or need to place shelves there, of course you need a large space to make this room.

There are so many ideas you can find on the internet. Ideas, decoration or modern style also available. One of them is on this blog. Today, we present 12 home office desk ideas special for you. Find your favorite one and start to make your dream work desk.

Use white theme on your table and putting shelves to place your paper work and several pots plants


White theme, minimalism table and comfortable chair


Make your office desk like this. Which is when you look this desk for the first ime, you will feel cozy


Putting hanging plan pots beside or on your desk. The function is to make your good air circulation


Add a photo frame to decorate your table and put a plant pot at the end of your desk


Add a carpet that has a soft and luscious texture under your chair. Your feet won’t feel cold if you have to work at night.


Make a workspace directly facing the scenery outside the house like the picture on this one. That way you will get inspired because your eyes will be wider.


Putting large books shelves beside your desk.


Pingky theme is the next ideas that you can use as your comfort work office home. This suits your, girls!


Does not bored with white theme? It can be your next references.


Stylish and simple. With two lamps on your desk and another one is installed on the roof of the room.


Blue theme is also available. With motivational writing on the wall will make your spirits increase.


Make your workspace as comfortable as possible with additional decorations that will add to your enthusiasm. As of this writing “MOM BOSS”, or “THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE”.


Putting two vertical wooden shelves as your decoration. To be more beautiful, add a table made of wood too.


This decoration is the best i choose. Because it’s simple and there are a window in front of my desk, so i can looking outside around my house. I can get good air circulation also.


I gave the name milk decoration. Soft, simple and look comfortable are describe this room.


The last one is private work place that you can make on your house. This room is only for work, take advantage of a small place but can be used optimally.



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