Garden Home? This is 12 Creative Decoration For You


Home garden is the usual place that is always in the house. Having a garden in the home environment will make the air circulation for you to breathe clean and smooth. Not only that, seeing green leaves will indirectly make you calm psychologically and feel peaceful. Because green is a peaceful color. There is no need to have a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland or yard. You only need the intention to be able to make a garden in this house. You can create a small garden that you can put behind the house or in the house. Also add a garden with a variety of plants. Not only plants, rocks or synthetic grass are also very good for forming a beautiful garden home.

You don’t have yet any idea to make your private garden in your home? Don’t worry, here we have the answer!

Making indoor garden with placed a big bonsai tree. Make your floors as beautiful as possible with good tiles and matching colors.


You can change your mini empty place to be beautiful garden hose like this. Don’t forget to add sofa and lighting.


Doesn’t have a sofa but wooden chair can be your option to fill your mini garden.


Add metal frames as a place for your plants to creep or you can use grape vine. Besides adding to the beauty, this roof is also useful for protecting yourself from the sun. But remember, it is can’t proect you with rainwater.


Small stones neatly arranged and the addition of a large square stone as a footrest.


Sintetic grass it can be your option. With good lighting make your garden house more beautiful.


You can also use random stone and make your best art there.


The wood-based decoration will add a natural impression. With the addition of a fireplace and several seats, it is perfect for you to relax and warm up.


The concept of an elongated garden with vines and pots on either side of the rocky path is very fresh.


Feel free to place large plants in your yard. Plants that have a large size will further add to the beauty and comfort around your home. Shady and natural!


The last one is a garden which only has a few plants with a small pond beside it. The addition of wooden chairs and a large white cloth on it adds to the beauty of your place to relax.


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