21 Ideas Outdoor Dog House On Your Yard


Outdoor dog house can be your option if you don’t want to placed you dog kennels in your house. You can make a mini cottage for your dog. Moreover, you can also make another style like a wooden cage, a mirror cage, a big cage or you can make a mini castle on your yard. Do not forget to make sure that your cage is comfortable enough for your dog. To  make it more comfort, add a pillow or a device to warm the room. You have to adjust to the dog size so the size of the cage could fit and do not put it too far from home.

Do you want to make outdoor dog cottage and you comfuse about the style will you make? Do not worry, here we have 20 ideas outdoor dog house for you. Let’s choose the best one!

Make a mini dog kennel for your cutie doggy. You can put it on your forecourt or near the terace. Add a mini potted plant to make more cutie.


Mini dog house like this can be your option. The house shape like a miniature of house, have a terrace and air vents. So cuttie!


You have two dogs? Don’t worry, this dog cottage is perfect for you with two simple room and canopy. Put it in your backyard.


Having a large dog also requires a large cage. This house is quite comfortable and fits your dog.


This miniature house with red paint is really cute and adorable. Plus your dog breed is a puppy or chihuahua.


A cottage with a large terrace without a canopy is also an option.


Bored with the usual cage? The dog cage with the second floor is very cute.


The stairs next to the house and the roof will be a fun place for your dog to play with.


Dog castle. Large and luxurious house will make your dog feel good. Besides that, it can also make the view on your page more beautiful.


This one cage adds plants that are planted on the roof. Actually you can also plant other plants that can be more useful, such as strawberries, chili trees or other vegetable crops.


You can also use natural stone as the base material to make your dog kennel. However, the selection of this type of material will make your dog crate permanent.


Apart from being made from natural stone, you can also make a dog kennel with a glass base material. Cute and transparent will make your garden more beautiful.


Apart from stone and glass, wood is also an option. Besides the price is affordable and can be found in many places. The choice of this type of cage is also widely used by dog ​​lovers because the wood will warm the dog’s room.


Mini square wooden cage with one roof


This type of cage is also widely used because it has an iron fence that will make their dogs safer from animal disturbances or thieves.


Natural stone can also be applied with an iron fence like this. Beautiful and safer are the advantages of this cage.



It doesn’t have to be a large cage. This small cage also looks cute when added with an iron fence.


This form of cage is usually chosen by those who have large sized dogs and need a large cage.


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