11 Modern Carport Ideas. Come On! Let’s Try It



Modern garage is the transformation for a regular garage that made interesting and multifunctional. Recently, not only the rich people can buy a car. Everyone can buy a car as long as they have enough money to buy it. If you have a plan to buy a car, you must make a garage or carport so that your car can be protected from sunlight and of course will make your car safe from crime. Make a carport takes a room or land to put your car, it can be on your indoor or outdoor. You can placed on your backyard, beside your wall of house, or in front of your terrace.

Reference to make modern carport is easy to find. you can just open your smart phone and search about carport ideas or car garage ideas. So that’s why we present 11 references to help you find the best one.

Double-wide car

You can use this style to make your car park paractical. You can placed on your forecourt or inside on your house. Actually you can use car park two or three quarters depend on your needs, in addition it will make your house look diferent. Do not forget to precise selecting materials for this carport because safety is paramount.



A strange carport style

This style has a strange shape because it is very rare for people to model this shape as their car garage. This model adds a large cube-shaped ornament to the garage which will make for an artistic impression.


Wooden carport

Using a wood base material like this can add a natural and more beautiful atmosphere. Selection of good wood must also be considered so that the wood does not rot quickly. This style takes on a birdcage theme by arranging wooden rectangles to cover the entire building.


Rectangular carport

Same as the stylel above which accentuates a rectangular wooden shape. This time, the placement of the carport is only placed on the side of the house. Apart from parking the car, this carport can also be used as a relaxing place to just drink tea and read a newspaper.


Indoor car garage

Placed indoor is also good. You can totally control your car because you can see the car every time. And will make less criminal also.


Carport with rooftop

You can choose this model if you have more than one car and enough land to make this garage house. The addition of a rooftop can also be an innovation, there you can place a seat and a table to relax.


Special car house

This classic-style garage is still widely used to make it a car park as well as a storage warehouse for them.


Garage in front of the house

You can choose this garage and place it in front of your house. The combination of an iron fence and a wooden fence will make your home look beautiful.


Open wooden garage

Simple and attractive is the first impression when seeing this garage model. However, this model has a drawback, namely that the car will not be protected from sunlight and rain to the maximum because the roof is not intact.


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