25 Dog Bed Indoor Ideas For Your Beloved Dog


Dog bed is very important if you make a dog as your pet. You cannot  place your dog to sleep just anywhere in your house. Making dogs as pets is fun. Same with cats, you can make dogs as your talking friends. According to research dogs whose intelligence is higher than cats. No wonder dogs are used by the police as a tool to help investigate a case because dogs have a very sharp smell. Caring for dogs is sometimes also difficult because of their large and special diet.

In addition, if you take care of a dog as your pet. Of course, you should prepare a dog bed so they can rest comfortably. Not only the selection of a soft and soft mattress, but also decorations that are important to note. Actually, you can make your dog house not only in the outdoor area, but indoor is also good. But if you feel like want to be more closer with your beloved dog. You can make the bed dog on the indoor area. Placed in your bedroom, living room or under your staircase.

Are you confuse to make dog bed for your beloved dog? Don’t worry, we will help you to find the best one!

Wooden cage



A dog crate made of wood can add comfort to your dog to move around in the crate. If you hit the dog’s body, it won’t hurt much because the wood texture is not as hard as iron. This wooden dog cage can also add to the atmosphere of your home to be more natural. Don’t forget to add a mattress and eating utensils.



Unique cage shape



Jam uses wood as the basic material for making a fishing cage. You can also use your used suitcase as a place for a dog bed. You can also use stenlis and bamboo as a base material. A cute crate and adorable dog will add happiness to the owner.




Miniature small house


This miniature house is very much used by dog ​​owners as a place for dogs to rest. Usually they put it outside the house, but actually put it in the house is not a problem.



Triangle tent



Lately, the shape of the dog house is made to resemble a cute little tent. Here are some references to small tents. You can choose the funniest one you like.



Cozy indoor-dog-bed


Mini Sofa

For those of you who have a puddle type dog, you can use this as a simple and comfortable bed.



Iron cage



The last one is a cage made of iron. Even though it is made of hard material, this cage can be stronger and more durable than wood. You can create a special room for your dog or put the iron cage under your desk or coffee table.



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