20 Exercise Room Ideas Make More Excited To Work Out


The excercise room is a special room that is built in the house as a place to do sports activities at home. Can be used as a private room or you can invite your friends to just exercise together. Making this executive room requires a fairly large amount of funds. Because sports equipment certainly has a high price. But if you really intend to build this room, of course you need an idea and a description of what shape the room you want to make. Not only made as a gym room. You can also change the Ecercise Room into a yoga room or just a space to relax yourself.

In connection with the world situation that is being hit by the spread of the corona virus. Sports outside will make you feel uncomfortable. Of course choosing sports at home is the most appropriate choice. You can stay healthy and you also protect yourself and your loved ones from this virus.

In the following we present some room ideas to help you find an exercise room that you like.

Gym Area

In this space you can placed your gym equipment. It can be like treadmil, static bicycle. barbel, dumbbed, leg press machine,cable machine or abs crunch machine. Design your gym room comfortable and have enough lighting. Don’t forget to add the mirror.







Sport Equipment Area On Exercise Room

Arrange your sports equipment neatly. You can put it against the wall or you can add a shelf to tidy it up. Arranging sports equipment neatly will make people who are doing sports happy and at home. In addition, it also reduces the risk of slipping due to accidentally stepping on these tools.



Makes it a semi gym and relaxing room

You don’t always have to have a treadmill or barbell in your gym. But you can also just add a trampoline, or a tool for sit up or push up.




Exercise Room For Yoga And Meditation Place

This one room is definitely a favorite place for residents of the house. Because in addition to being able to relax, it turns out that doing yoga can also burn your calories.





Provide a large space if you want to do yoga with your family members. Or you can make a small room for yourself. Don’t forget to add tools such as mattresses, balloons or pillows and the most important thing is a large glass. Make the atmosphere more serene by placing a few potted plants or beautiful lamps. You can also light aromatherapy candles there.





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