13 Home Theater Room Design For You


Home theater is a series of rooms that resemble a cinema. You can assemble this room in your house with a quality that is not inferior to the original cinema. Having a home theater is definitely the desire of many people. Again coupled with the current situation that requires us to stay at home. The corona virus, which has not been able to disappear from the face of the earth, has limited our daily activities. Watching films in theaters is now even more difficult, especially with the announcement of large-scale social restrictions. Even if we can go to the cinema to watch a film, of course we will also feel uncomfortable and worry about this virus.

Making a home teather is a solution for those of you who don’t want to leave the house just to watch the cinema. Indeed, it takes a lot of money to make this mini cinema. You need to provide tools such as a large screen, LCD, chairs and other equipment. You also of course have to think about the design that you choose to make this small cinema.

Here we present some cinema design references that you can use as an idea to create your own cinema.

Design your small cinema with a large sofa so it can fit many people.


Add decorations on the ceiling of your cinema room with star decorations so that the atmosphere becomes more beautiful.


Decorate the right and left walls of the room with some long lamps as in the picture below.


This time, the mini cinema design displays a magnificent atmosphere. The all-gold color selection on each furniture in it adds to the grandeur of this room.


Like the previous design, this room is also decorated with additional stars. However, the addition of star decorations does not have to be on the entire ceiling of your room, but only one box does not matter.


Use bright theme on your home theater. It can be on your sofa color or on the wall.


Use a sofa with a large load so that watching movies can take place comfortably.


Carrying a different theme with additional lights that are rounded design on the ceiling of the room.


Arranging a sofa with an arrangement that extends backwards with different sofa heights, so that everyone can see the film screen clearly.


The theme this time is very unique because it is ancient and antique. Seen with the addition of this antique swing and chair.


A fan on the roof as a substitute for air conditioning, the placement of a regular wooden chair can be a solution if you don’t have enough sofas to place in your mini theater.


The last is a private home theater. As a private place you can just put the sofa for you or two sofa is better. With a spacious design like this you will enjoy your film with great satisfaction.


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