14 Canopy House Ideas For Your Front Porch Door


House canopy or awning is a additional roof that placed in out of the home. This building is placed on the terrace or balcony and the carport which is common in modern homes. The house canopy serves to withstand heat and rain so that the house will feel shady and is also protected from direct rainwater pouring. You can add a awning to the top of your door or window as a barrier to sunlight entering your room. The canopy also functions to decorate your home so that it looks beautiful from the outside. You can add vines to add to the beauty of your canopy.

As time goes by, more and more forms of houses will be very influential in choosing the awning model that you will install. You have to really know in advance the model of your house so that then you can choose what kind of canopy is suitable for your home.
In addition not only to paying attention to the model and design, the material of the awning must also be considered because it is very important for the safety of the occupants of the house.

Let’s choose your favorite house canopy model.

Triangular building models like this house are the choice of many people. Because of its classic and simple shape.


This long triangle can be your choice if you want to make a canopy that can cover your terrace.


The triangular shape can be combined with a pole that is only attached to one part, it can be on the right or left side.


The dome shape can also add to the beauty and your terrace will look more sturdy and luxurious.


Slightly different from other models, this model uses transparent glass that covers the entire canopy on your terrace.


This model is simple and is also widely used to be placed as a canopy over the window.


This square canopy which has two pillars is perfect for those of you who have a large house. Because the addition of this type of canopy will make your home look more luxurious.


Like the picture above, this type of canopy is slightly different because it has a larger pillar size.


For a house that has a rustic feel, you can choose this model because it fits perfectly with the atmosphere of your home. The choice of white paint adds to the nuance to be beautiful.


This canopy is made of wood which is arranged neatly. Add decorations such as this light bulb that will add to the atmosphere of your night to be different.


Made from the same and the same settings as the picture above. This type of canopy can be installed along your terrace. Add unique pillar shapes and plants around your canopy.


The semicircle shape like the image below is suitable for those of you who want a simple canopy.


The next reference is the shape resembling the roof in a coffee shop. Add a unique lamp to the center of the canopy.


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