24 Balcony House Ideas To Beauty Your Empty Room



Balcony house is an additional part of a building that tends to be shaped outward and visible against the wall of the house. Unlike the terrace which is a building whose surface is slightly higher than the surrounding ground. Usually the terrace is placed at the back and front of the house. Usually the balcony is located near a bedroom and can be an access for us to just see the outside atmosphere. Having a small balcony will make us confused to decorate it. Careless decoration will make the balcony not more beautiful and tidy but will instead make the balcony look like a messy warehouse.

Actually, you can decorate your balcony house very dimple and easily. You only need to add some furniture so that your balcony looks more beautiful. You can turn the balcony into your private space to relax and become your workspace. Besides that, another function is as a mini kitchen, where you can wash and dry your clothes at the same time. You can also use the balcony as a place to make your vertical garden. A minimalist bedroom is also highly recommended.

For those of you who will turn your balcony into a beautiful and functional room. Exactly ! Because this time we will provide 24 references for decorating the balcony of your home.

Turn into a private room or space to enjoy the atmosphere around your home.






Choosing a chair or sofa to place on the balcony of your house is very important. This is because it will affect the comfort of the people who seating it. Choose the type of chair that has a soft seat. use the table as a place to put coffee or food. Add bookshelves to beautify your balcony, or you can also make your balcony a mini library. Be your workplace is also recommended to you. The important things is make your private room’s comfortable.






Become your vertical garden




If you don’t have another place to make vertical garden, this balcony can also become your placed it. Put on several pots on the corner of balcony. You can also putting down the crop rack there.



Become your mini bedroom

Change your empty balcony become your mini bedroom. Making comfortable by putting down soft matterss and placed greenery around them.



Become your multifunctional room


\ Hanging-clothes-place


Not only become your mini bedroom, your workplace, or a private room. You can also turn it into multifunctional room. Change become your mini kitchen, and you can also washing clothes and putting them into the sun. An iron shirt would do the same.




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