16 The Attic Ideas To Make your Bedroom


The attic ideas it’s important. The attic can be compared to a hat. This area is a place between the house and the roof. The attic is a hidden area that is usually not fully utilized, even though this room can have enormous potential to be used as a room with many functions. The existence of this room is actually quite important.
An abandoned attic will become a den for animals that can cause disease and infect the residents of the house. In fact, you can change the function of the room into a warehouse or bedroom. You can even make it a space for you to meditate or your workspace. The atmosphere that is pictured when you are in the upper room is very calm and quiet. You can see the scenery around your house and feel the cool air.

To make the attic ideas of course, requires inspiration. Here are some the attic ideas that you can use. Let’s start using your attic into a room that can make your sleep more comfortable and beauty.

Make an attic with a unique shape like this. Adding large glass to form the buds of the house will add a wider atmosphere to the attic.


Adding your mattress with accessories such as curtains that will make the atmosphere romantic.

Make your attic with lots of triangular shapes to form the buds of the house and add accessories such as swings. White paint will add to your comfort.

If the attic you have is only small and narrow. Dont worry! You can put a soft sofa and a window that can be opened wide. Make this place your place of relaxation.

The yellow color in your attic room will add brightness and joy to it. The sun hitting the colors will add a nice nuance.

As in other rooms, the addition of wall hangings is also recommended. Don’t forget to plant to improve air circulation.

Attics with high roofs are perfect for fitting some cute pendant lights. So that the atmosphere is more aesthetic, you can use monochrome colors as the theme of your bedroom.

An attic like this is suitable for two people with one large basket. Also add led lights around the room.

Simple and elegant. This white loft bedroom is perfect for you, young people who like simple and neat styles. Add a few potted plants that will beautify the room.

This one bedroom is in a marker style with muted colors in every corner of the room. You can use classic but still comfortable as the theme of your attic bedroom.

This attic room has a special place made near a large window. You can use this place to enjoy the view, read a book or just enjoy a cup of tea.

You can choose the addition of this unique roof shape. The purpose of adding this ornament is so that you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the roof of the room that is not empty.

Two medium sleeping baskets can be placed between the windows. The choice of white and blue donker is perfect so that your room looks calm but luxurious.

Unlike the previous attic rooms. This bedroom is equipped with a fireplace to warm your body and your body when the rainy or snow season arrives. Add a cradle to make your bedroom more comfortable.

The last bedroom recommendation is a room with two beds and has two windows. The ceiling of the room is decorated with brown wood that is triangular in shape. In addition to beautifying the room, this wood also has a function to make the building stronger.

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