10 Vertical Garden Ideas In The Home


Vertical garden or often called green wall, living wall is a method of farming using narrow and limited land using a wall or space vertically by covering it with various types of plants that grow in the planting medium. This farming method is often used to decorate the house and make the house have a fresh air. The vertical garden can be placed in various corners of your home. You can place it in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or terrace. There are many choices for model and you can make with any planting medium.

Are you confused about what kind of vertical garden you will make in your house? Here we present some ideas for your reference.

Hanging Plants

Making this vertical garden model is very easy. You can make hanging media for placing pots. Arrange them into three levels and fill each level with three pots or customize the board you created.


Vertical Garden on The Wall

This model uses a shelf that has lots of room to place pots filled with lots of flowers. You can stick it on the porch wall or on the living room wall. You can also change these flower plants to other plants that you like.


Small Bucket Pots

If you want to take advantage of different creativity and artistic power. You can use a small bucket of media as a substitute for the plastic pots you usually use. Fill the pot with fruit plants such as grapes or strawberries. Arrange it on the plant shelf that you have provided or you can put it on the floor.


Tree Branches as A Planting Medium

The shape of this vertical garden will create a new atmosphere in your home. Beautifully shaped branches with additional pots attached to the branches will make your creativity stand out. This model is suitable to be installed on the back or front wall of your house.


Mini House for Your Plants

The small house specifically made to decorate plants as well as to protect plants from the sun is a different model from the others. Make a small house that only displays a roof and boards to place your pots. This model is suitable for placing on the porch of your house.


Hanging Crops

Unlike the hanging plants shown in the next picture. This plant has a simpler model because it hangs the pots directly from each other. Install this hanging pot in the back of your house or on the terrace. In addition make your beauty home, placed this hanging crops also can improving  your air circulation.



Plants Ladder

Putting a pot between a small ladder can also be an option so that your vertical garden looks beautiful but simple. You can put it near the sink that is in your kitchen. Try to keep it near a window so your plant can get enough sunlight.


Bicycle as a Media

Not only plastic pots and pipes as plant media. You can use your used bicycle that is no longer in use as a planting medium. Bring out your creativity to decorate the bike as a vertical garden as well as a beautiful wall decoration. Use a bicycle basket for placing your plants.


Simple Verical Garden

This model is slightly different from the other models, because of the use of magnets as a medium for attaching to the walls of the house. Attach a magnet to the wall and attach it to a glass glass as a growing medium It should always be noted that you can only put plants that are small or medium in size.


Hang on The Wall

This type can be an option if you only have a few plants and there are no shelves to place the plants. One or two plants are enough to decorate your living room.


Vines on The Wall

Vines that will make the atmosphere of the house cool and beauty to be seen. Combine these vines with a few pots next to them. Also add wood decorations as a sweetener decoration.


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