13 Ceramic Exterior Design Of Your House


Exterior design is importat to beauty yoour home. One of them is terrance in your home. The terrace is like the first house people will see, it is very important for you to beautify your terrace. Not only comfort is prioritized but beauty is also important. The terrace of the house is usually used to relax with the family in the afternoon. For just drinking tea, coffee or watching vehicles passing in front of the house. The terrace can also be used to place guests in a hurry to leave. The development of the era of terrace models has also undergone changes and many variations have sprung up, starting from simple, luxurious, minimalist forms, even to the very large and pervasive front of the house. In making the terrace attractive you can add many ideas and ways. Especially the addition of ceramic designs to your patio walls.

Ceramics are not only used for floors, but can also be used to beautify the walls of the house. There are many types of ceramic designs that you can make as a reference. In addition make exterior designs for your home is very important to know. You should know what’s type of your home and syncronize with your budget to make exterior design.

What types are exterior design for your wall design? Let’s look at the following reviews.

White natural stone

Installing white natural stone makes the atmosphere look cleaner and more comfortable. You can install it on the porch or the side of your house. Add various kinds of plants in front of the wall to make it look livelier and cooler.


Marble cream ceramic

Cream colored ceramics will also add to the luxury and simplicity of your home terrace. Moreover, the ceramic material you choose is made of marble.


Natural stone ceramic gate decoration

Not only used to decorate the porch of the house, natural stone ceramics can also beautify the front of your house, precisely near the fence of your house. The house gate will look more unique and handsome. The black color of the house gate and natural stone that is in harmony will add to the beauty of the view of the person who sees it.


Combination of ceramic stone and marble

Black is still a favorite for most people. The addition of natural stone ceramics and ceramics made from marble, all of which are black, adds to the majestic and luxurious feel.



Vertical Ceramic Stone

This model is perfect for you if you like it simple. Adding teo chairs and enjoy your days.


Exterior design vertical natural stone

We have found this ceramic stone installation model in houses that have a minimalist size and have two floors. Mount the stone vertically up to the roof. Choose one part of your house that is most suitable for fitting this ceramic stone. You can install it in front of the house or on one side of the house.


Rectangular stone

You can install this model in the swimming pool as well. Rectangular stone shapes will be very beautiful if they can be arranged neatly and regularly.


Hanging ceramic decoration

Not only about the stone and marble tiles that are installed on the terrace of the house. Hanging ceramic decorations can also beautify parts of your home. Choose simple and cute shapes for an elegant trash atmosphere.


Engraving interior design

In addition to plain ceramics, you can also add ceramics that have carvings as shown. Place it on the pillars of your house to decorate it. At the top or bottom even the middle can be an option.


Modern exterior decoration

This natural choice may not be used by many people. Because this model is considered a new model in the form of an embossed ceramic with a combination of 3D colors. You can put this as a garden decoration or on the porch wall of the house. Make sure the size is in accordance with the size of your terrace, not too big.



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