8 Type Gazebo Ideas For Your Mini Garden


Gazebo is a place that is usually small and minimalist which is built in the front yard of the house or in the back yard. This place serves as a place of shelter and relaxation. These buildings usually have a roof and no walls so that people inside can feel the outside atmosphere.
The types of gazebos vary as well as the shapes, which are increasingly varied and unique. Many people want their house to have a gazebo as a place to relax. However, they were confused by the narrow security conditions, even though this is not a problem because gazebos can be made in small sizes.

Are you confused about the gazebo ideas and materials that you will make? Don’t worry about it taking up a lot of space because you can make it a medium size.

Wooden Gazebo

The first gazebo ideas is the material made is made of wood. Even though it looks simple, this gazebo will make the environment more beautiful with a natural natural atmosphere. You can also add grass or ornamental plants around it. Make sure in choosing wood you choose quality materials so that safety is maintained.


Flowers decoration

If you are going to make a gazebo that is only in the form of a frame. You can add a lot of flowery decorations but with a note that it doesn’t disturb your relaxing atmosphere.


Indoor gazebo

Creating a gazebo in the house is also not a problem. Place it near your pool or in the backyard near your kitchen. This place can be used as a family gathering place when there is an event. Add a sofa and a swing for the mood to cheer.


Metal gazebo

The material for wood is metal. If you choose this material you will feel safer because the material is strong. Install four pillars and make sure they can stand firmly when exposed to strong winds.


Harmony Atmosphere

Just like the picture above, the materials used are also made of metal. The lamp is given in each corner of the pillar so that the atmosphere becomes romantic when using it at night. Suitable for dinner and relaxation with loved ones.


Dome gazebo

Tired of the usual shapes? This gazebo displays a manly shape and is very suitable as a place to spend time with people you care about. Install a led or tumbler wrapped around the gazebo poles and domes. The romantic nuance will be felt at night when the lights are turned on. Dinner becomes a very memorable one.


Garden mini gazebo

THe last gazebo ideas is small size is not a problem when you are going to make a gazebo. This following image can be one of your references. This place can more or less be filled with 4 to 6 people. Even though it looks simple, this shape will make your page even cuter and more beautiful.



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