15 Wall Art Decoration Quotes Ideas

The wall is the part that we often encounter in the house. The walls are built to protect the house from outside disturbances and the walls also function as a building that makes a house.  Inside the house, the walls can be a place for us to be creative and make the home more beautiful when viewed. We can decorate the walls by painting them, pasting ceramics, pasting photos, hanging plants, attaching bookshelves and we can even paint the walls according to what we want.

Not many know that there is one thing that is rarely done by someone to decorate their walls to be more beautiful and at the same time can affect the psychology of all residents of the house. This is by posting words in the form of motivational or inspirational writings on certain parts of the wall. You can pair it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, even in the bathroom though.

Here we serve several Inspiration wall art design that you can choose to be your inspiration to make your own wall art.

Quote Printable Art


Apart from being used to decorate the wall using words like this can make our moods better. For example, if we put up motivational words when we are in a bad feeling then accidentally seeing the motivational words stuck on the wall, our mood will automatically change the atmosphere of our hearts to be calmer.

But the installation of these motivational words is still rarely found in the house. Maybe because they think this is not very important, even though it is very important to make care for our emotional feelings. You can write down whatever words you think are good and will have an impact on both yourself and others who read them. Words of motivation, inspiration, self-indulgence to stay grateful and don’t be insecure or¬† many others.


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