20 Staircase Multifunctional Ideas To Beauty Your Home

In general, the first floor house is still a model that many people have. As time goes by, the land is getting narrower because of the increasing population so that the empty land is decreasing. For people who own land that is not too large but have enough money to build a large house, they will build a house that has two floors. Two-story houses are an option when there are no other options for building a large size house. In a house that has two floors, of course you will need a ladder for access to the top floor of your house.

If you don’t close the bottom of your staircase, there will be an empty space that will make the view ordinary. You have to come up with creative ideas so that the blank can become a beautiful and attractive room. So, change the empty room into various functions. In addition to making the room look not empty, it can also be a more functional empty space. Foe examples turn the empty place into a kitchen, a small library, a bed, to store household items and turn it into a bathroom.

There are many other ideas that you can use. Therefore we provide 20 reference ideas to make the empty space under your household more functional.

Place ornamental plants under stairs or make a small, beautiful garden

Besides being able to fill the empty space in the room under the stair, the function of plants can also be to facilitate air circulation in the house. Choose dry plants that don’t really need direct sunlight, but don’t forget to keep providing direct sunlight by occasionally placing the plant in the sun for 2-3 days.

Turn empty space into a place for your belongings

Turn the bottom of the stairs into a place to tidy up your shoes and clothes.

Thereis the washing machine that is designed like in a cupboard under your stairs

Place a container for goods that you can use as a storage center to make it look tidier and easier to find items. You can put household items or toys for your child.

Add a beautiful and comfortable little library and make a little bedroom there.

By adding a mini library, this will also attract guests who come to our homes and read books. In addition, you can also add a comfortable little bed to read books or indeed make the space a minimalist small room.

Make it a functional place

Make a space to work at home, playing space for childern or dog’s house.

Make it a minimalist bathroom

Minimalist bathroom that placed under the staircare will make it easier for your guests to go to the bathroom. Making more than one bathroom is also highly recommended because someone’s needs to go to the bathroom are different. You can make the bathroom under the staircase or on the right or left side.

Change your empty space into kitchen room

You can turn it into a kitchen but if you have a large space it will be better if you make the space also a dining room or family gathering room.


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