10 Creative Ideas For Baby Girl Bedroom


When you have children, the baby’s room is a very important need because babies need a special room to rest and be free from those from outside. The function of the baby’s room is not only used as a place for a baby, but the nursery can also be used for a child’s room and bedroom when he grows up. We recommend that the nursery be designed very carefully and allow the room to function optimally. Decorating a baby’s room is very easy, especially for baby girls who are synonymous with pink as their trademark, but now it’s not only pink that can be used to decorate a baby’s room, other cute colors can also be chosen as long as you can mix colors in a different way correct.

The baby cot is also the main place that must be in the baby’s room. With the addition of cute decorations in the nursery, it will add to the atmosphere of the room to be more beautiful. Additional wall decorations, children’s toys, rainbow colors and children’s playgrounds become the center of attention where children spend their time. Cute baby room can make the atmosphere upbeat and make babies happy.

Are you confused and need to get creative ideas for your baby girl’s bedroom?

Here are some references to baby room decorations and some tips to make your baby’s room more multifunctional, cute, beautiful and attractive but, of course comfort is number one.

Baby crib next to parents bed

If you want you to be always close to your baby, you can place the baby crib next to your bed. This can also make it easier for you to see the baby’s condition and make it easier for you to be able to move quickly when emergencies are needed.

Twins need two cribs

Two baby cribs can be placed side by side to make it easier for you to take care of your baby. To decorate a baby’s room for two twins, you can choose a simple and neat theme so you can be free to do activities in your baby’s room.

Bookshelves are the beginning of introducing science

As much as possible try to provide a place to put children’s books. This is very influential on the psychological nature of the child, if a child is used to books since childhood, it is likely that the child will grow up to be a child who likes reading and will automatically grow into smart kid.

Children’s toy rack as discipline from an early age

As with bookshelves that serve to introduce children to books. The toy rack also has a function as a place for children to practice discipline and to be neat since childhood. That way the child will grow up with a neat and clean person.

Colorfull bedroom is cute

Rooms with lots of colors will indirectly provide a cheerful atmosphere and teach children to start recognizing colors. You can combine bright colors like a rainbow for your baby’s bedroom. The creativity that you build will help your child start learning from an early age.

Girls room decoration with flowers and mosquito nets

The addition of a mosquito net on the baby crib apart from being able to protect the baby from mosquito bites and flies, you can also use it as a sweetener for your baby’s room. The addition of flowers on the wall will also make beauty, moreover if you choose pink mosquito net it will make your baby’s room more girly.

Cute hanging toys

The addition of toys to the child’s room will certainly make the child’s atmosphere funnier and cuter. Playing not only can be used on the floor, but you can also add to play hanging on top of your baby’s crib. Besides functioning as children’s toys, hanging toys can also function as children to get to know the shapes of objects. There can hang toys with the characters of animals, flowers, planets, moon, stars, sun or ficitiour character.

Gold mosquito nets make luxury

Like the pink mosquito net above, you can also choose a gold color to make your baby’s room look cleaner and more luxurious. Also add decorate the walls like flowers to sweeten the atmosphere.

,Make the playing place in your baby’s bedroom

Present playing place to make your baby more happy and let what they want to do. You can place hanging toys like the picture. Don’t forget to provide a comfortable rug or mat.

Add some picture or motivational writings

You can add a cartoon photo, animal or baby photo on the wall right above your box bay, or you can add funny motivational writing. With a combination of simple but cute wall patterns that will add to the impression to be more beautiful.

There are 10 creative ideas for baby’s girl bedroom that i can offer. Make you baby’s room comfort and let’s find your favorite one, guys!

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