10 Ideas Bathroom Decor With Natural Stone Walls


Every house must have a bathroom. Even though it looks simple, the role of the bathroom in every home is very important. Usually the bathroom is built at the back of the house, but not infrequently the bathroom is also included in the interior design of the house. The bathroom can also be placed in the room or next to the kitchen room. The bathroom is rarely located in front of the house. Besides having a vital function or to take a bath, the bathroom can also be used as a place of relaxation.

This place can be used as relaxation because among all the rooms in the house, only the bathroom has a cool and calming atmosphere. A clean bathroom is the main asset to make it a place of relaxation. The addition of decorations is also very supportive to add to the atmosphere of a comfortable bathroom. Laying ornamental plants or changing the color of the walls can also be a solution.

One of the most decadent wall decorations today is wall decoration using natural stone. Natural stone stuck to the wall will make the bathroom feel more natural and soothing. Maybe you need additional fees if you want to apply this natural stone to your bedroom, but it will all pay off if you can feel a different nuance when you use the bathroom. Many types and models of natural rock that you can apply to your bathroom.

Here are 10 ideas to make your reference for making bathroom wall decorations using natural stone.

Use black natural stone and shaped boxes so that the bathroom atmosphere can feel beautiful

Installing bricks as walls can change the atmosphere to be more old-fashioned, you can also use dull bricks so that the atmosphere feels more different

Using a variety of natural rocks can also be an option, as long as the selection and installation of stones are neatly arranged and pay attention to the color combination of the stones.

Gray stone is a great choice when you want to combine bathroom decor with light that is not too bright. The stone color will make the bathroom look luxurious.

If your bathroom has a size that is quite large, you can choose a natural stone that is rather large and irregular to be attached in several corners of the room. Usually attached to the middle wall of the bathroom. Add medium sized glass so that the bathroom looks even wider.

Apart from adding natural stone to the bathroom, you can also add wooden furniture to sweeten your bathroom. Arrange neatly in certain parts. The function of wood can also add to the bathroom atmosphere to be more natural.

You can choose orange colored lamstone so that the atmosphere is warm and looks cleaner, your small bathroom will look charming.

Black natural stone is still a lot of choices for people to make bathrooms more beautiful. Choose black rocks that are uneven and not one size so that the artistic impression is more felt.

The combination of small natural rock in the shape of an elongated box is also much in demand. Install the rock between the other stones. Its function is only so that the wall ornament becomes more varied.

In addition to adding natural rock to the wall, you can also make it a floor decoration. Choose a flat rock type so you don’t injure your feet when stepping on them.

Those are some references to bathroom decorations using natural stone that will make your bathroom more natural and can be used as a place for reflection and looking for inspiration. Let’s choose which one you like best.

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