18 Inspiring Make Your Beauty Living Room

The room that needs more attention is the living room. Everyone who visits the house will automatically assess how the condition of our living room is. They will pay attention to the shape of the living room, the color of the walls, the condition of the floor, tables and chairs to other parts such as wall decorations and possibly to the ventilation. If we have an attractive and comfortable living room, guests will feel comfortable and at home when visiting our house. As time goes by, nowadays many people use their living room to function as a family room because they don’t have enough land to make a family room. They get together and spend time with their families in that place.

Playing games, studying, watching television, hanging out with close family and many other activities they can do in the center of the family room. The interior of the living room must be considered very much because it will greatly affect the atmosphere that will be formed when the families are gathered. So you need creative decorations and how to mix and match the colors of the objects in the living room. The choice of chairs, ornamental plants, curtains is also very influential. Therefore, here are some references to creative ideas that will make your living room more attractive and comfortable.

Adding ornamental plants to the living room will add to the coolness and make the room feel more beautiful

As in the picture, ornamental plants can be installed anywhere, such as pressed to a wall, placed in a corner of the room or arranged ornamental plants on a shelf.

TV and fireplace add to the impression of a home to be warmer and more comfortable

Maybe not all homes will add a fireplace in the living room, but if your house is narrow and you don’t know, you will place a fireplace where you can mix and match with the TV. The atmosphere will be very warm and full of kinship when the place is being used to gather with family.

The mirror in the living room will add to the feel of the room is spacious

The addition of mirror to the living room not only makes it easier for us or guests to look in the mirror. Mirror will add a different impression to the living room, the room will feel wider than it actually is. The addition of mirror can be done on the wall attached or hanging. For large mirror, it can be placed on the floor. This is very suitable for owners of minimalist-sized living rooms but want their space to look wider.

Drape makes the room more luxurious

The addition of drape will add to the atmosphere of the room to be more beautiful and luxurious. Choose a drape that matches the theme of your living room, don’t carelessly choose the color or motif of the drape because if you choose the wrong color, the impression of the living room will turn out to be strange and will affect the comfort of the people who are there.

Choose a unique but elegant lamps

The role of lamps is very important to use at night. Use lamps that have a unique and charming shape. These lamps will still be beautiful to enjoy during the day or night

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