10 Functional Study Room Ideas for Kids


Recently, the children’s interest in studying at home is very low. They said they were tired because they had been studying at school all day. Even though learning back at home is very important because it is re-learning the material in school so that students can understand more. The role of parents is really needed, they must try to make their children want to study at home. One of the ways that children’s interest in learning can develop is to make learning places more attractive.

Children will love the learning space that has many colors, toys and maybe colorful walls, but many of the kids also like a simple and clean place. The following shows some creative ideas for modifying children’s learning spaces to make them more attractive and increase children’s interest in learning at home.

Give a theme

Create a cozy and fun kids learning atmosphere by adding a theme to their liking. For example, you can add wallpaper, wall paint, or kids favorite characters. So that the learning atmosphere is not too boring, you can also add furniture or play areas around their study room.

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