5 Best Indoor Vertical Gardens To Beautify Your Room

Bring a natural feel to the home is an effective way to freshen your room. That’s why many people place indoor plants. However, not everyone is lucky to have a large room, the reasons for limited space and not having much time to take care of plants make this decoration difficult to realize.

Today there are many types of indoor plants that are easy to care for, some even don’t need a lot of sunlight, such as cacti and succulents. And if at home you don’t have an area to place it, then you can try to make a vertical garden by using a wall.

Indoor vertical garden solutions are proven to be very practical for those of you who want to create an indoor garden. The walls are a blank canvas in which there is no limit for you to be creative. Today I have collected 5 of the best vertical garden ideas to beautify your room. Let’s check!

1. The staircase usually looks empty and is often neglected. Placing a vertical garden wall stairs will not only make your room but also as a great visual center in the house.

2. The living room is the best area for greenery. And decorate this area with a vertical garden is the right choice. Place a vertical garden on the part of the wall that attracts the most attention.

3. The dining room will feel more comfortable with a vertical garden view on the wall. You will feel like being close to nature and relax with the family.

4. Place a vertical garden on the wall of your kitchen. Not only ornamental plants, here you can plant various types of herbal plants that you can use directly or when you need them.

5. Balconies usually have small areas and it is difficult to place plants. Vertical garden ideas are not only practical, but also make your balcony more beautiful.

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